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Green Where it Counts

Spectrum Engineering is a specification engineering firm specializing in the design of electrical systems, lighting, and lighting controls.  Several unique qualities about Spectrum Engineering include:

  • Lighting Design and the ability to effectively illustrate the lighting of your building with building information modeling and renderings.
  • Willingness to perform lighting "mockups".
  • Product testing program.  This is extremely important due to the development of new technologies such as LED and lighting controls.
  • Feasibility studies and life cycle analysis. These are important tools in evaluating the emerging technologies.
  • The knowledge of estimating and the desire to design a cost effective building.
  • Traditional Electrical design, data and low voltage systems design, audio and video systems design and control systems design to support the needs of your business.

We have performed a wide range of projects and each project gives us additional skill sets to help you succeed.  From educational to industrial to theatrical to retail to medical to residential and offices, we have learned about technologies that cross over nicely into other industries.  We have designed several architectural projects that have included residential lighting, commercial lighting and theatrical lighting systems.  It is this knowledge of crossover products that can help us design an extremely functional building with reasonable costs.

Spectrum Engineering performs specification engineering for the design-bid-build form of construction project management.  If you are interested an another form of construction project management called Design Build, click on the McCracken Electric tab.

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